Hello my fellow masculine mommy supplements


In the very near past, my family and I have turn our house hold structure completely around.  We packed up everything and moved for my wife’s career and we completely switched roles.  Now, I have always been good with kids and have always seemed to be the default human jungle gym at any and all friendly and family gatherings.  The few hours at the standard weekend BBQ or weekend at the near families houses for holidays, pales in comparison to the day to day insanity that it the “stay at home dad!”

I’ve been in construction of some sort my entire life, laborer to project superintendent. I have worked for myself and held positions with a hand full of people under me.  Ok, sometimes that would be the worst thing to wake up to and drag yourself into, the Monday to Friday grind.  Eyes set straight to 5:00 Friday afternoon, and yes that more times than not is exactly like an adult daycare.  There are the guys that hit the job site bright and early, do there job no questions asked, cut them selves, smash fingers, wrap some tape around it and carry on. These are the guys I always strived to be when I was new to the American labor force, much like my now father in-law whom gave me my first construction job.

Coming from a long line of plumbers, one of my first on the job experiences with him, said father in-law, was the cleaning of a sewer drain.  I’ll never forget this moment, we showed up to the job and pulled out this medieval looking contraption, the sewer snake, pulled off the sewer cap line.  He then persuaded me to take in a deep breath and ask me, “whats that smell like?”  Holding back the vomit, being the green smart lipped lad that I was, “S@#T!” He laughed and told me that, “that is the smell of making money”.  At that point I didn’t really see, or smell his vision. Looking back at it now, I learned a lot from that single job.  If you want to be successful, sometimes work isn’t fun, most times it isn’t, plus it started the build of my tolerance the far future diaper changes!  Then there is “most” other men, on any given job site across the world, they are filled with finger pointing, whinny, afraid to get dirty full grown man-childs.  For this reason, I believe this will also play a role in my raising a child…

Before I veer too far off topic with that, I want to give you a little bit of input of my recent world transformation.  My daughter means the world to me!  Every day, she ceases to amaze me with the constant, ever evolving intake of day to day life.  It is almost like I can see straight into her mind and see the gears turning as she processes every little thing that is happening around her. children are amazing creatures, and I mean that in the HIGHEST light. That being said… I sometimes wish for a minimum wage position laboring at the deepest, longest ditch I could start digging at the crack of dawn Monday morning.

This is the most important position I have ever held, in many ways the same, but so much more important. There is still finger pointing, most certainly whining, and dirt like I’ve never seen it, though she wears it much better.  My wife, god bless her for entrusting upon me this position, some how and some reason knew that I could do this.  I myself had every doubt that this would be capable, but if she was believing in me, then I had too as well. It’s not like I have any kind of blue prints, or plans, no one is telling me their concept of what they are looking for. This is almost completely on the fly parental contracting for me at this point. I am going strictly on what I have seen from my youth and watching friends and family raise their children.  Picking and choosing what my wife and I would want for our child. shooting from the hips here folks!